About Friend With A Boat

marty with fish
I'm your captain, Marty St-Louis!

Fishing has been in my blood ever since I was 8 years old and growing up in Quebec. Since then, I've gone on to fish across Canada, with 11 years of experience in Lake Ontario alone. Let me tell you, I'm eager to see your face full of excitement when you will reel in one of these monsters. I want to be more than your guide; I want to be your friend (with a boat)!

a younger marty
  • Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP)
  • Restricted Maritime Operator Certificate
  • Basic Marine Emergency First Aid
  • Marine Emergency Duties (MED A3) training
  • Commercial insurance for marine companies

jean-charles with a big one
a younger jean-charles
And introducing Jean-Charles!

Jean-Charles has been passionate about fishing ever since he was two years old and spent his summers at the end of the dock hoping to catch the next big one. His obsession has brought him to fish across Canada and in Florida, California, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Although he’ll fish anything that bites, he’s particularly fond of the great salmon and trout fishing that Lake Ontario offers.

Your new Friend with a Boat, JC is a young captain looking to share his passion with beginner clients and experts alike.

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Friend With a Boat is also a member of the Ontario Sportfishing Guides Association, working with other charters to keep us on top of our game!